When Dr. Sonny Acho, Founder of Living Hope Ministries, and his wife traveled home to Nigeria several years ago, they learned of childhood friends and family members who were dying due to a lack of simple, over-the-counter medications commonly available in the United States. Heartbroken that lack of such a simple treatment could take the lives of people they love, they began to pray on how the could relieve the suffering of not only their loved ones but for all the people of Nigeria. The Lord finally opened the door for them to talk to medical professionals from their local church, and thus the Living Hope Christian Ministries medical mission was born in 1989.

They soon reached out to friends and others from the church and received an outpouring of support. Pharmaceutical and medical supply companies were contacted to donate medications and medical supplies. Before long, doctors, nurses, optometrists, and lay missionaries from the church and other cities around the United States began working with Living Hope Christian Ministries, along with local workers and volunteers, to make the journey to bring healing medicines and medical treatment to the people of Nigeria.

While ministering abroad, Dr. Acho observed the need for training and materials so local pastors can better serve their people. As a result he established pastors conferences, bringing speakers and conducting workshops designed to help equip and train local pastors on how to grow the people spiritually, knowing that strong leadership will have a positive impact on local communities.

As Living Hope Ministries continued to help the people of Nigeria, they realized that there is a greater need for local medical clinics, schools, orphanages, widow residences, farms, and factories. This lead to the successful development of the first Living Hope Ministries hospital and reinforced hopes and goals of providing resources for the rural communities so they can not only improve their health and wellbeing but become enabled to provide these needs for themselves and progress.